Monday, October 31, 2005


I put this in the school newspaper:

The most horrific, degrading problem on earth is the presence of nudity in movies. Not only does this example of moral decay corrupt the youth, it destroys our values as a Christian nation and undermines the central ideas of America.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a good American film with my nephew where a good, Christian hero was trying to kill a terrorist. Right before the soldier set of a nuclear warhead to destroy the entire terrorist country, a woman exposed her breasts. I was shocked and mortified. How is it legal, in this Christian country, to produce and sell a product that is wrought with such sin and temptation?

This pornography is what has sent this country into its horrible state. Liberals are taking over our government, showing things like this to children on a regular basis: teaching them evolution, legalizing birth control, and broadcasting non-fundamentalist channels on the television. If it were up to me, I’d imprison every single one of them for destroying our nation’s basic foundations. They’ve allowed the pornography industry to grow into a disease with revenues exceeding $12 billion per year and consuming more souls than that. Our country’s founding fathers are being betrayed by the liberal government and moved us into a realm of pagan horror.

It is this pagan world that the liberals have tried to recreate; we are degrading into Roman times, and soon Christians will be hung on crosses and fed to lions. Rules against nudity were laid down in the Bible for a reason; the damage caused by pornography is irreversible. Anyone who was exposed to such nefarious content as a child will become an evil person, a murder, or liberal.

These horrible movies take our nation away from Jesus Christ. Instead of following Him, the people of the United States have started to follow lust as their master. First, prostitution sought to destroy our world, then Darwin, and now nudity in movies act as Satan’s arm to pull our souls into hell. After all, my Christian values are the moral axle of the entire universe.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Better Flow, Whoa

If you want to make your paragraphs flow better, use the predicate (direct object, predicate nominative) as the subject of the next sentence. As long as you're talking about the same thing in both sentences, the predicate will make things flow ok.

Monday, October 24, 2005

How to Be a Hypocrit I

Be a Christian. It doesn't work.

This is a little bit of logic, and a lot of rubber bands, but it's difficult to argue.

In Christianity, you are required to take your belief in God on faith. The Bible has "faith" smeared all over it as the foundation of the religion. Without faith, according to the Bible, the Bible is nothing.

So, what is faith? It is blind belief in a higher power. What else is blind belief? A guess or a gamble. And, of course, gambling is sinful, so therefore by being a Christian, you are sinning.

Next time, I'll think of some other way to be a hypocrit. Till then, keep lying to yourself!

*The true reason why I can't be a Christian is because I cannot truly believe in the Bible as factual without lying to myself, and I consider honesty a higher moral than the boring mass of religion. Therefore, honesty lives and religion dies.

Economic Control

The group that controls the economy should keep it means of manipulation isolated from the public. If the means are known, people will try and manipulate the economy for their own good based on the leadership's means, and therefore render the group useless.

At the same time, the group may become corrupt. Being human themselves, they have things to gain from manipulating in their favor. Therefore, robots should manage the economy.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blazing Grace: Jesus Through Weed
Actually, this website has nothing to do with weed and everything to do with pornography. Actually, this website is full of shit.

Blazing grace... what a bad choice for a name. Not only does it sound like using marijuana to achieve a state of divine love, but it sounds like a bad attempt to steal from the success of "Amazing Grace." I really hope it wasn't, because bla*zing has two syllables where a*ma*zing has three.

Ooh... their logo. Their logo looks like a penis with a yellow head. Then, it is being placed into the "diamond," whose beauty shines with beams of light. Man, thanks for the symbolic porn.

Now, to standardized bashing. This will be done page by page, each titled the same as on the menu bar (sometimes, the title on the page and bar vary.)

"porn use is at an epidemic level" Who said it was a disease?

approximately 45% of those who struggle with sex or porn addiction are women." Once again, what's wrong with sex? What's wrong with looking a boobs or cocks or whatever you prefer? These people try and make it something natural appear to be a problem.

What is Sex Addiction?
1. Sex addiction is freely chosen sin." False. False false false. People are born with genitalia and hormones. People get horny. It's normal. If you consider that animalistic, also consider that we evolved from animals. Oh wait, never mind, you don't "believe" in that either.

While it promises life, Lust always leaves its victim empty, miserable and full of shame." Conditions permitting. That, or you feel like you've had the best sex of your life (or something along those lines).

The struggler with lust uses sexual fantasy to cope with the demands of real life; when situations don't go his way he turns to sex for comfort and escape." Once daily, bitch, and it's got nothing to do with comfort or escape and everything to do with the massive size of my balls.

"Lust provides neither comfort or escape, and it makes life worse by piling on more shame, misery and emptiness." Eh, no.

5. Sex addiction is a sick substitute for God's love." Ah, it's getting worse. It's not just a slap on the wrist; it's a sick substitute for God's love. You sick bastard! Sick! You have problems, sicko!

Lust rots churches from the inside out, and as we know from history it can destroy a nation." And so can your "God" and your "Christ." Therefore, with some bad logic, I can conclude that your God is lust, so start the daisy chains - Church isn't just about fellowship anymore.

The man or woman who bows to the false god of lust is making it their object of worship, their source of life." The source of my life is food because that is what I eat. My stomach breaks down that food, and my intestines absorb the useful chemicals into my bloodstream. The excess comes out of my ass as shit. Last time I checked, lust does not come out of my ass as shit, but undigestable food products such as fiber.

Hey it's just a little porn; I'm no sex addict...
" In Matthew 5:27 Jesus said:

'"'You have heard that it was said ‘You shall not commit adultery’ but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.'"

I've concluded that Matthew was gay. Men look at women all the time, and in the back of their mind, they're thinking (if she's decent) "goddamn, they're perky today." Or, perhaps, "that stripped shirt excentuates." Now, if Matthew can rightfully conclude that this is adultery, then I can make the same logical jump and conclude that he was gay.

"96% of single men under the age of 20 admitted to a masturbation habit." What defines habit? If it's 10 times a day, ok, it's a habit, but more than once a week probably fits into this category.
Jesus had living water that could fill my soul, but I “drank from myself” instead" hahaha, fag, you drank your own pee. Go die.

This website's pissed me off so much, using illogic and hypocrisy to combat "evil," that, in spite, I'm going to go masturbate. Have fun laughing at these retards.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Possible Explanation for Why We Can't See All Stars in the Universe

The light would not be absorbed by gas and dust. Instead, it becomes so distributed that it just cannot be viewed. It becomes too small for humans or our equipment to detect because it's too miniscule to be detected.


Asteroids could exist in a 3-dimensonial universe if it were toroidal.

Monday, October 10, 2005


For some reason, my mind suffers nostalgia for 1992, when life was perfect. Those were the days of innocence: the sun was shinning, the neighborhood was booming, everyone was still stuck in the late 80's, and everyone wore big sunglasses. They still showed Thriller on TV, people still thought I was a genius by naming the 9 planets, and life was perfect. Everyone went to McDonalds and got ice cream.

Now everyone's all old, the sun quit shining, and no one wears big sunglasses any more. There's still black people on TV, but now the one who was dressed up as the zombie is the zombie. Everyone moved away from this damn neighborhood or went EMO, sunglasses aren't cool anymore, and none of the freshman moms are anymore, just old hags now. No one gets ice cream, everyone goes to Starbucks to get coffee with nutmeg to get a buzz and zone out of life because it sucks, and the horrible hallucinations of nutmeg are better than fast approaching end of the world.

Goddamn it, this is what getting old is like. I'm gonna go invent the time machine so that I'm born knowing all I already know, then I can be awesome again. That's probably why I used to be so smart when I was little anyway, and I'm gonna do the same damn thing again.

But, o, I hear my nephew in the room next door crying and I remember the time from age 4 to age 12, and why I'm so damn glad those fucked up days are over. I remember being so glad to come home after my mom drug me home from the store, and it was time to go to bed with the sun still hanging on to the horizon. I remember there never being enough time to do what I wanted, no freedom. Damn I'm glad I'm old, where I don't have to go on boring trips and pointless weddings of people I don't know who will die in 50 years. I remember elementary school, where my teachers pounded math into my head that I still can't do. I remember the bastards who called themselves friends but were nothing more than oppressive. I remember fucking around doing nothing in the afternoons where I should have been reading or learning something.

I still do that.

Words of Irony

Dyslexia - A dyslexic could never spell it.
Lisp - A person with one could never say it without making their impediment obvious.
Awkward - It is, infact, very awkward to spell.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


There are certain degrees of being lost. Depending on how lost one is, one feels differently about being lost.

0 - Not Lost - at the zeroth degree of lost, you are not lost at all.
1 - Directedly Lost - You're lost, and you know why you're lost. You know the right questions to ask.
2 - Rather Lost - You're lost, and you don't know how to not be lost anymore. You need guidance in finding the right questions. You do, however, know what you're supposed to be learning.
3 - Pretty Lost - You're lost, and you don't even know exactly what you ought to be learning.
4 - Fucking Lost - You're lost, and you don't know that you ought to be learning.
5 - Really fucking lost - You're too lost to realize you're lost.

Latin vs English/German

Latin is more like a stack. Data just gets crammed in the sentence, and each word identifies its place.

German and English depend on word order. Data must go in order for it to be properly understood, but the words themselves remain themselves.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I make a lot of jokes, but, inherently, I've become a joke.

You are what you speak. Food has nothing to do with it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

DNA Scheisse: Second Edition by Micklos and Freyer

DNA Science: A First Course: Second Edition by David A. Micklos and Greg A. Freyer with David A. Crotty

I don't know what's more fucked up: that all of the authors have a middle name "A" or the prose in this book. I don't know what would compell any teacher into deciding that this book is the one for their students to learn from because I don't know how it's possible to learn from.

Of course, the book may have good information, but that's like saying LSD is good for you because you see things in a different light. You may see things differently, yes, but you will recieve permanent damage as a result.

I'm supposed to be learning about operons, but I don't know what I'm really supposed to be learning about them. This is because of the poor formatting of the entire book. See, the author figured it was a good idea to present experiments, and from the experiments, explain how the results came out, therefore delivering the genetic principle. The problem with this theory is that I don't know enough about genetics to understand they experiment, so by the time the stupid ass bastards come to a point, I'm already to the 2nd degree of lostness, and I don't realize that a point is being made.

The authors ought to have started by explaining the genetic principle. Instead of retracing the history of biotechnology, then getting to the facts, if the facts were place up front the history would make more sense.

Micklos and Freyer with Crotty, I hope someone beats you to death with your own textbooks. Go die.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Into Human

Notice that, after all former evolutions of life, the ones who work together the most, the humans, have achieved the most. Mammals too, with our dependence upon one another tactics, have done better than any beings before.

To go back even further, once cells started working together, organisms were created. Without the steady mobilization of life from independent to inter-dependent, there would be no humans to contemplate the direction of evolution. Without proteins working together, there'd be no cells, no life at all.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cur Quid Facere Facio

Joss Whedon said in an interview about his Firefly/Serenity saga that, "I don't make things people like, I make things people love." He's right, I love what he makes, but I doubt that's why he's really making it.

This is something I agree with Ayn Rand on: nobody who makes anything worth shit makes it for other people. They make it from their energy, their idea, and when other people twist and warp it, it destroys that reserve of inspiration. Joss Whedon does not like being credited for a lot of scripts he wrote because other people distorted them. They made them into crap; if Joss were making it for other people, he would have been totally please with the changes.

When you make something for your own damn sake, it's pure and untouched. When others interfere, it goes down the shitter like a non-sterile bacteria culture. In art, when collaboration invades, the product is not whole, it is a mutant hybrid. No one finds hermaphrodites attractive; you wouldn't find two styles of art, ruinously jammed together, attractive either.

Joss had to make Firefly and Serenity for one reason alone: his own damn creative will. The fact that people love it is a byproduct, and it's a byproduct because it's something he loves, not that he made it for love.

Us and Them

We aren't really all that different from bacteria, both chemically and psychologically.

Chemically, we're both made of DNA, RNA, amino acids, and water. Our ribosomes code the same proteins when given the same RNA sequences.

Psychologically, we compete and share, struggling constantly between generosity for all's benefit and competition to destroy one another. Bacteria share DNA in numerous ways, increasing the survival of their colonies as a whole, including for bacterial resistance. Bacteria don't always share, they often whorde their mutations for their own protection, passing them on to their offspring, some good, some bad. It's strange that humans tend to be the same, we kill each other and freely share knowledge at the same time.

We share the same primal struggle.

Perhaps an analysis of the behavior of bacteria and our own behavior in the same frame can give us a better understanding of both bacteria and us.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Math Lines and English Blobs

Math grades probably have very sharp, distinct differences, varying from F to A without any gradient. English grades, on the other hand, probably come in blobs, with a significant number in the C to B range. This is because of the subjective vs objective grading systems of both classes, although I wouldn't mind doing some research.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


For hiding the truth of the silence we're afraid to listen to.

Cat Dies, Hag Dies

I saw a cat, a dead cat, on the curb. I felt bad for the cat, it was fuzzy and brown and white, and its throat that once purred like a motor lay dead exactly like one - on the side of a road.

The cat was dead next to a house. The house probally contained an old woman because that's the only person who would occupy that sort of house. If she died, I wouldn't care. She probably smells bad.

Then the car approached the speed of light and everything turned into lines; there were no more objects anywhere, just lines.

Does someone have to die before you realize you can't always have your way? A million? Or just One?

The cat died from a motor. The hag may easily have too. Maybe it's because one of them had a motor of her own, or maybe one was just fuzzier, so we liked her better.

Felem vidi, mortua felis, in (CURB ABL). (SORROW) pro fele tenui, (FUZZY) (BROWN) niveaque est, et thorax ipse quo (ONCE) (AS) motore (PURRED) interficitur, velut motore - in latero viae.

Sidera videre volo, sed via (EASY) difficultior est