Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Music and Grades

I've heard a lot of bitching in my time about how "music students have higher test scores than non-music students." Perhaps this is true, but it implies that it is a result of their involvement in music, which is poor logic. It is more likely that students who have higher test scores take music classes.

I had a choice in 9th grade. I could have taken either Computer Science I or Orchestra. I enrolled in Computer Science and dropped Orchestra. I do not regret dropping Orchestra. In more ways than Orchestra could ever possibly help, I have improved my math skills significantly, not in the actual computation of numbers, but in the abstract concepts of mathematics. Orchestra may some how, supposedly, increased my intelligence, but I think Computer Science did a much better job of that in a more applicable way.

I'm not saying don't take music classes, but don't mislead people into taking them.


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