Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jibbles and Puebles

You ought to get a kick out of this. I cut some stuff out it to improve the flow, names removed, etc.

Mich: words should be made up more often
Mich: like jibbles and puebles
Eine Frau: i make up words all the time
Eine Frau: my friend (name snipped) and i
Eine Frau: ahh.. the fine art of wordicising
Eine Frau: *making up words*
Mich: that's a nice irony :-D
Eine Frau: hehe
Mich: jibbles and puebles are crystal meth and child porn, I was writing a story and I needed words for both that the average reader wouldn't notice what I was talking about
Mich: not that I go into detail about those things
Eine Frau signed off at 10:42:20 PM.

Shit. Shit shit shit.


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