Monday, August 15, 2005

I won a PSP

I entered the code from a box of fries and I won. Plus, I only had one box of fries from McDonalds while this contest was running. Weird huh? I never win these kinds of things. I will probably never win again.

Yea, so I got an e-mail from McDonalds. There's some wonderfully confusing instructions and quite disturbing mumbo jumbo. Let's check this out.

There's a whole bunch of things I have to sign to claim my prize... I'll guide you through my thoughts.

Statement 1 (somewhere in):
"I obtained my potential winning Game Stamp(s) through authorized, legitimate
channels, and I have perpetrated no fraud or deception in connection with my
participation in the Game. "
I guess this is in refrence to the fraud that occured a few years back.

"I agree to return to McDonald's Corporation ("McDonald's") any prize, which may be awarded to me if any statement made by me in this Affidavit is false."
So, if they feel like it, they can just take it away from me? Barge in my house and steal my PSP? What if I sold it? or gave it away? What will they do then, hmm?

Statement 5:
"McDonald's, TMSW, and their successors, assigns and promotional
partner licensees ("Promotion Entities") shall have the right, but not the
obligation, to use my name, voice, and likeness, along with my address (city and
state) and any statements made by or attributed to me relating to McDonald's or
the Game in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised,"

"in perpetuity and throughout the universe for advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional purposes in connection with the Game and other McDonald's promotions"
Wow! This is hardcore. It's like... joining the Scientologist navy... except in Scientology, you only sign up for a billion years. This is "in perpetuity." Goddamn.

Statement 8:
" I hereby acknowledge and agree that McDonald's and/or its authorized agent or designee may conduct a full background check on me, as set forth in the Official Rules."
Whoa, wtf.

"Should I meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Official Rules for the Game and otherwise fully
and timely comply therewith, the results of my background check will not affect
whether I receive the prize I am seeking to claim."
Doesn't that contradict itself? So as long as your background check passes, it won't be used against you. But if it doesn't pass, it has been used against you anyway. Hypocrites.

Anyway, legal crap sucks. I still won a PSP, though.


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