Monday, August 22, 2005

The Great Purge

My new computer just let me know that, while typing in my password for Blogger, I was sending unencrypted information to a third party.

Oh, like I didn't know that you dumbshit.

I've got it figured out. I don't hate computers; I love computers. I hate people who use computers. People who use computers make programmers program stupid software for them so stupid people can use it. I hate those programmers because they are whores for stupid people, and that makes them extra stupid.

User-friendly is for pussies and people who like spending money on useless garbage, like the "Microsoft Plus! Dancer LE" that came installed on my computer. Why do I want a blue screened video of someone dancing on top of my start bar? What does that do except eat up memory? It's not that I'm short on memory, but I could be using it for far better things, like Battle Grounds 2, the only Revolutionary War mod for Half-Life 1 & 2.

And then there was Norton Internet Insecurity. It came with my computer.

Norton was kind enough to let me know that there were two rampant threats pillaging the internet and all it's fellow peasants like me, and that if I clicked to allow it to save me from the internet's worst beasts, I would be safe.

Norton Internet Insecurity protected me from my own printers.

Norton Internet Insecurity was uninstalled.

I do not like software telling me what to do. I do not like "VERY RECOMMENDED" recommendations. I do not like my operating system telling me that my wireless network adapter is potentially dangerous 8 times while installing it (so severe a problem that Netgear sent a flyer with the adapter to let me know that it's ok to click continue).

Fuck Norton. Fuck Microsoft. I'm making my old compy into a Linux box so I can play with it/learn to use it from there. I might put it on this one depending on how well the port goes. I guess I'll see.

Time to go destroy free crap. Time to clear out the barbarians, and make this place safe to live. This is my computer, and Norton cannot stop me from using it.


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