Thursday, August 11, 2005

Die You Money Sucking Cheating Pig Bags

I've recently read a lot about how people try and manipulate Google's search algorithms to create higher placement (PageRank) in Google searches.


The purpose of a seach engine is to help people find things. If you manipulate the search engine, you're not helping people find things. You're helping them find something else they don't want to buy. You're vandalizing their "internet experience." No, it's not illegal to ruin people's day. You can do whatever you want on the internet, but you're still a FUCKING ASSHOLE.

When people look for something, they'll find it. Their goal is not to find your website, unless it is relevant. I doubt PageRank has enough to do with Google to really count.

Actually, I want to see the day when Google sets the Toolbar PageRank numbers to random. That's going to be fucking hillarious.

Pompous Ass: "Why'd my PageRank to zero? Oh, Google, whatever did I do to hurt you? :tear: :suicide:"

I don't see how ads make money. I never, ever click on ads. Does anyone ever click on ads? My eyes just graze over them towards the half inch of text in the middle of the page. Not that I can find the website's navigation buttons between the ad for weightloss pills and my next vacation.

Fuck the internet; it was a bad idea.


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