Friday, August 26, 2005

Cats and Dogs: Why "Cats" Comes First

Everyone who owns a dog seems to feel the need to prove dogs superiority to cats. They say that dogs have better noses, are bigger than, have better vision, hear better, etc.

Who cares?

Dogs suck because they smell bad, bark frequently, and you have to pick up their shit when their finished. I don't see how that is superior in any way.

I just had to fight with my cat to let me write this article. I told him that he better get ready to move, and he just purred. He heard the light, though sarcastic, mood. I tried petting him, however, and he merely shot a "If you touch me I'm gonna bite your ass, but you better let me sit here still" look. When I put him down, I could tell he became even more pissed off because he let out some stress on a highlighter.


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