Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ha! The Gods!

People wonder why was Stonehenge built. People wonder why didn't the Egyptians just dump mummies in the desert.

To honors the Gods, they say. Of course. The Gods. The Gods. The Spirits. The Gods.

Stupid asses. They don't have the answer. They THINK they have the answer. They don't have the answer.

They were built because of feelings, sheer artistic understanding. Admiration of nature is a phrase that describes it, but not really. It's the need to complete something. To put something. It's not for immortality, it's not for pride, it's not for devotion to people in the sky. It's the result of a single, powerful emotion that rides in a few of us and the rest abandon it.

And it's those people who don't get it, and say it's for the Gods. Ha! The Gods!


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