Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I just heard that the new WTC building is going to be called the FREEDOM TOWER. WHAT THE FUCK?

Operation: Enduring Freedom
Mars Probes "Freedom" and "Opportunity" (that some migrant 4 year old named)
Freedom Fries

Freedom! Freedom! It's all about freedom because freedom is synonymous with AMERICA. AMERICA = FREEDOM! DUH! Are you stupid? They are the same thing. That's what our founding father* fought for. Freedom. That's what our soldiers in the Middle East fight for. Freedom.

Freedom, freedom. Maybe if I say FREEDOM enough, you'll feel more free, and then you'll start saying freedom too, because that's what Americans do. They are free and free people say freedom over and over again till the word goes numb and useless. I feel so free right now after diluting FREEDOM into my prose, that maybe it will remind everyone about how much freedom we Americans have. I AM SO FREEDOM.

Let's see how much the word freedom really gets flat out raped:
  • USA Freedom Corps - LET'S FREE PLANET EARTH BY FORCING PEOPLE TO BE FREE - http://www.usafreedomcorps.gov/
  • The Offical United States Government Freedom Website - This website has something to do with freedom... I'm not quite sure though. I don't read propaganda. - http://www.freedom.gov/
  • BuildFreedom.com: Free World Order - It appears there's some absolute definition of worldwide freedom, and we're building that right here, right now, with freedom resources - http://www.buildfreedom.com/

Anyway, now that I've gotten my fill of freedom propaganda, I feel really free. I've said freedom enough so that I feel like a true American. After all, freedom isn't free anymore. And since we're not free any more, we're just "dom," and I think that word is the perfect new word for America.

*Jesus Christ and George Washington and George W. Bush because they are all our father in heaven incarnate on this earth. AMEN


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