Thursday, June 16, 2005

Don't EVER read this blog, it sucks.

My veins pump kerosene.

Feels like something's burning... tickly.

Goddamn it do I hate cars. Fuck Henry Ford, I hope he died a painful death just like all the people he killed with teh fucking car. Like all the scared ground.

Big black scars running miles and miles sprouting disease bags full of slimy, hairy protein bags. Nasty pieces of shit. Seeping out toxic chemicals as its selfpropelled cells move about, organized, an organism, organizing into organizations. Eventually, the green skin regrows and covers some of the scars, but they don't ever go away.

Killing each other. Go bleed black you bastards. Bleed it all over your veins.

Boy, do I hate life. I wish I could give up. When will I stop wriggling. Mea cum mordebat anima.

Bleeding, gotta find a health pack.
Bleeding, I'll never win.
Bleeding, black black black. Blood is red, blood is brown, blood has stained the fucking ground.

She lost my fucking paper. MY FUCKING PAPER. F-F-F-FUCK. F.

Bite off a toe. Bite off a hand. Why do I want to gnaw off my goddamn leg? Why do I want to cringe up in a ball? Why do I want to jam my cell phone down my throat? Why does this fucking blog suck so much?

Because I wrote it, and life sucks.

Go blow a goat, you shitbag. Don't read this blog. If you do, die. Just die. It's not worth your time, and if you care that much, go empty out your arteries into sterilized bottles. Make yourself useful for someone who cares. Go drive your car off of a bridge, that's one less bastard to worry about hitting me on the road.


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