Thursday, June 23, 2005


I swear I will never post about this again unless I'm mentioning taunting people with the issue.

Anyway, I posted this in some douche bag's Livejournal. Enjoy. (Those things are severely addictive, like reality TV but written)
From a live or die sense, yes, giving birth to a child is far less risky than using a coathanger to abort a child. However, considering the long term consequences of a child, the benefit of aborting a child may outweigh the risk.

The definition of a fetus as a living being is a personal moral issue. It cannot be proven or defined.

Hey, I might be smoking crack, but at least I don't support mass homogenity. You're fighting in the wrong place; the issue is over the defense of free thought, not life. Only from your point of view is a fetus alive. I do not feel either way on the issue; I don't think there is enough evidence to lean either way, but I do think it is everyone's right to decide that.

You may argue, on the other hand, that this defends murder. Then again, what is murder, and why is murder wrong?

I will define murder as the termination of the consciousness of another human being, permanently. It is wrong because it interfere's with their right to think freely. If you disagree with the postulation, I can elaborate further later.

Now, if I were to go and bludgeon someone to death right now, would that be murder? Yes, since it is possible to prove that that person was, at one point, conscious.

Is it possible to prove that a fetus is conscious? No, especially not before 9 weeks.

On the topic of abortion, what about all the post-birth abortions in Iraq? The deployment of American soldiers by your "pro-life" administration has caused the death of thousands of people, both American and Iraqi. Get past the religious propaganda and see the lies. Then, possibly, logic will prevail.


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Blogger The Emperor of the Moon said...

Go fuck yourself.

Sunday, November 27, 2005 9:38:00 PM  

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