Thursday, June 23, 2005


I swear I will never post about this again unless I'm mentioning taunting people with the issue.

Anyway, I posted this in some douche bag's Livejournal. Enjoy. (Those things are severely addictive, like reality TV but written)
From a live or die sense, yes, giving birth to a child is far less risky than using a coathanger to abort a child. However, considering the long term consequences of a child, the benefit of aborting a child may outweigh the risk.

The definition of a fetus as a living being is a personal moral issue. It cannot be proven or defined.

Hey, I might be smoking crack, but at least I don't support mass homogenity. You're fighting in the wrong place; the issue is over the defense of free thought, not life. Only from your point of view is a fetus alive. I do not feel either way on the issue; I don't think there is enough evidence to lean either way, but I do think it is everyone's right to decide that.

You may argue, on the other hand, that this defends murder. Then again, what is murder, and why is murder wrong?

I will define murder as the termination of the consciousness of another human being, permanently. It is wrong because it interfere's with their right to think freely. If you disagree with the postulation, I can elaborate further later.

Now, if I were to go and bludgeon someone to death right now, would that be murder? Yes, since it is possible to prove that that person was, at one point, conscious.

Is it possible to prove that a fetus is conscious? No, especially not before 9 weeks.

On the topic of abortion, what about all the post-birth abortions in Iraq? The deployment of American soldiers by your "pro-life" administration has caused the death of thousands of people, both American and Iraqi. Get past the religious propaganda and see the lies. Then, possibly, logic will prevail.

Livejournal: Hive of Inanity

I'd never known how bad it could really be.
Dead drama. Dead people. Dead prose.

Oh, it's bad.

I usually avoid Livejournal. Everytime I open up a Livejournal/Xanga page, I close it as if it were a pop-up. Eew. :shiver:. Today though, I was tempted, I had time to burn, and I made a bad mistake.

It started with a friend of mine's profile, where there was a link, and I chose to click it. Here I found detailed bickering about life events I did not care about (or read), four "quizzes," and a variety of bouncing mood smilies which whitnessed the EXTREME drama in full color and animation.

I decided that this was only the rusty tip of a big, dull tetanus stick, and that the deeper I dig I will find the same thing but only become more disgusted. At least I have chicken.
After my brain went numb for a little bit, I figured the best way to analyze the wastes of the internet is by pointing out a few steriotypical "human struggles," the same stories you find over and over with different people. I can reassure you though, the struggle is always the same.

The Tragic Breakup: :-( :-( :-( :-( Mood - Anywhere between happy, sad, and angry

Early stages: Mood - Angry
Err! Me and Bobbo got in a fight today.

Developing bitterness: Mood - REALLY Angry
He makes me so mad! Err, I hate Bobbo. Err. Err.

Seed of Hope: Mood - Sad
I thought about Bobbo and I today. It... it could work :-) :-) :-) :-)


I'm Free: Mood - :-D
I should have listened to you guys in the first place, I'm so better off without him.

The Upcoming Trip: Mood - Excited to Ea

Too lazy to finish.

The irony of this place is people think it's their private internet fortress for their friends to see, but they forget that their parents do know how to use the internet, and that the parents could soon find out their perfect child is a drunk, but these are the same people that say their accounts on MMOG's got hacked when they gave their passwords out, right?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I just heard that the new WTC building is going to be called the FREEDOM TOWER. WHAT THE FUCK?

Operation: Enduring Freedom
Mars Probes "Freedom" and "Opportunity" (that some migrant 4 year old named)
Freedom Fries

Freedom! Freedom! It's all about freedom because freedom is synonymous with AMERICA. AMERICA = FREEDOM! DUH! Are you stupid? They are the same thing. That's what our founding father* fought for. Freedom. That's what our soldiers in the Middle East fight for. Freedom.

Freedom, freedom. Maybe if I say FREEDOM enough, you'll feel more free, and then you'll start saying freedom too, because that's what Americans do. They are free and free people say freedom over and over again till the word goes numb and useless. I feel so free right now after diluting FREEDOM into my prose, that maybe it will remind everyone about how much freedom we Americans have. I AM SO FREEDOM.

Let's see how much the word freedom really gets flat out raped:
  • The Offical United States Government Freedom Website - This website has something to do with freedom... I'm not quite sure though. I don't read propaganda. -
  • Free World Order - It appears there's some absolute definition of worldwide freedom, and we're building that right here, right now, with freedom resources -

Anyway, now that I've gotten my fill of freedom propaganda, I feel really free. I've said freedom enough so that I feel like a true American. After all, freedom isn't free anymore. And since we're not free any more, we're just "dom," and I think that word is the perfect new word for America.

*Jesus Christ and George Washington and George W. Bush because they are all our father in heaven incarnate on this earth. AMEN

Saturday, June 18, 2005


My first question is, in what right do these people have to supress my way of life because they feel it attacks theirs? Am I not allowed to live how I wish?

Now, I'll do the various quote assault:

"Video game addiction is not to be under-estimated. It is a serious epidemic plaguing our children nationwide. We recommend getting professional psychiatric help." ( - If you went to a psychiatrist saying your child had a video game addiction, he would look at you like you had flowers up your ass. What a fucking joke.

" A typical report card by a troubled video game player:
Computer Education Excellent
English Poor
Mathemathics Poor
Science Poor
Social Studies
Physical Education Poor
" ( - I'll post my end of the year report card here, and you can see if it compares to that.

"Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) is a digital escape from the real world for emotionally unhealthy and mentally unstable people" ( - So, if that is true, is it not criminal for you to take their freedom from them? Their one place where they can escape the bitterness of reality. You sick and sad bastard, your own selfishness will put these people in ultimate misery.

"Danger: Do video games make people violent?
Yes. What was once a debatable question, is now fact. New research has concluded that video game violence and behavior related violence are in fact closely related." ( - Citations, please? Proof? Oh, you don't have any, so go fuck yourself.

"Fact: Health studies have found that even those casual gamers suffer from low self-esteem and self-pride compared to their athletic and more socially accepted peers in their same age group. Young gamers were found to be more likely to become lifetime gaming addicts and becoming social outcasts." ( - Bad logic. Bad bad logic. Just because social out-casts play video games does not mean they are social out-casts because they play video games! Wow, you are stupid.

"Developers profit and continue to take advantage of today's youth with cute, loveable, addictive, and recognizable franchise characters. A practice and strategy similar to those used by the tobacco industry." ( - And so does Downy fabric softener. DAMN THAT EVIL DOWNY BEAR, he's trying to seduce children with his softness, oh noes!

"Danger: Do video games teach people how to kill?
Yes. When video games were linked to the Columbine high school shooters, a frenzy of new research was launched, in which, one team of researchers discovered that first person shooter games do indeed teach gamers with the basic knowledge of how to kill." ( - If it is not apparent to someone that guns kill people before they play video games, then they need psychological help anyway.

"And the newest absurdity, underground video game cultures which takes gaming to another level, tainted with online "clans", singling out of people, hatred, racism, and sexism." ( - What's wrong with clans? What do you think they are, quasi-terrorist hacker organizations or something? They pay $40 bucks a month for private servers and work together to have a more enjoyable time playing. Real fucking criminals there. And what about the racism and sexism, you say? Those are underlying feelings through out the entire world; singling out video games for containing racism and sexism is like singling out China for having people. People are everywhere, it's just they're more obvious in china because they have more of them. People are more likely to let these feelings out on the internet because they can do it anonymously despite that these feelings exist everywhere.

I have to go eat dinner and shoot some people because I play video games and that makes me violent, and every time I get mad I have a violent out burst which involves hurling objects at people and shooting them with rockets and lasers.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Music Copyrights

I can't produce music. I suck at it.

Other people can though, and I can produce movies that work with that music. The problem, however, is that I can't use that music in my movie. Therefore, my work is worthless.

Why can't I, a poor chap with a burning desire to produce films, use someone's music in film, as long as I don't profit from it? Why should their greed limit my right to use something beautiful in a film, especially if this is no longer the intent of the artist, but of their corprate lawyers.

As long as I give credit where it is due, what wrong have I done?

Don't EVER read this blog, it sucks.

My veins pump kerosene.

Feels like something's burning... tickly.

Goddamn it do I hate cars. Fuck Henry Ford, I hope he died a painful death just like all the people he killed with teh fucking car. Like all the scared ground.

Big black scars running miles and miles sprouting disease bags full of slimy, hairy protein bags. Nasty pieces of shit. Seeping out toxic chemicals as its selfpropelled cells move about, organized, an organism, organizing into organizations. Eventually, the green skin regrows and covers some of the scars, but they don't ever go away.

Killing each other. Go bleed black you bastards. Bleed it all over your veins.

Boy, do I hate life. I wish I could give up. When will I stop wriggling. Mea cum mordebat anima.

Bleeding, gotta find a health pack.
Bleeding, I'll never win.
Bleeding, black black black. Blood is red, blood is brown, blood has stained the fucking ground.

She lost my fucking paper. MY FUCKING PAPER. F-F-F-FUCK. F.

Bite off a toe. Bite off a hand. Why do I want to gnaw off my goddamn leg? Why do I want to cringe up in a ball? Why do I want to jam my cell phone down my throat? Why does this fucking blog suck so much?

Because I wrote it, and life sucks.

Go blow a goat, you shitbag. Don't read this blog. If you do, die. Just die. It's not worth your time, and if you care that much, go empty out your arteries into sterilized bottles. Make yourself useful for someone who cares. Go drive your car off of a bridge, that's one less bastard to worry about hitting me on the road.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Worst of Words


A most horrible word.

"Why" gets nothing done. "Why" simply wastes time. "Why" is the creation of the excuse. "Why" is inefficent. "Why" is delays the important question.


"How" is progress. Do not ask why something should be done, ask how. How moves things forward. For example, if you figure out why (for what reason, what karma) someone is dying, you can't fix it with that information. If you ask how they are dying (from what cause), then you can fix the fucking problem.

Don't ask why one must learn the math. Ask how it is done. Then, it will be done, and from there you will understand why.

Only through knowing "how" can one truly understand "why."