Friday, May 27, 2005

Phishing - did you fall for it because you were retarded or drunk?

"Phish" stands for:

Seriously, who the fuck is stupid enough to fall for a phish attack? At least one by e-mail or IM? I've known since I was in 2nd grade that you don't give out your username and password.

Phishing's been around forever. Rampage Toolz 2.0 had a built in phisher. Now, phishing gets massive press coverage, as if this is a new phenomenon, just like blogging.

8 fucking years behind. Dumbasses. Get your facts straight.

That and they talk about how violent video games are. "Oh no, someone blew a zombie's head off! According to Reverend Brandham Smith, Christian Psychologist, children will plant the same behaviors the exibit in games on people! Quick, save our children! Save them from video games!"

You want a real psychological test? Cut out your theoretical bullshit and look at the facts. Look at me. The first video game I got hooked on was Doom when I was in 2nd grade (yes, around the same time I learned not to fall for some shitbag trying to steal my password), and look at me, am I violent? If I'm pushed to be violent, I may end up reacting so, but doesn't anybody? Buddhist monks are men of peace, yet there are points in history where they started violent uprisings.

I doubt the Greeks and Romans learned "hmm, these people make us mad. let's kill them" from video games. What about animals? Animals kill each other, they must have SNESes hidden somewhere so they can learn how to kill each other by playing Mortal Kombat.


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