Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jesus Revisited

Jesus described death as a second birth or a second death, towards heaven or towards hell.

Although he is quoted saying this, I think he actually think he meant the same place, with heaven and hell merely being mindsets. Death is one place that all people go to, but the heaven and hell aspects are whether or not you benefit from death.

If you "go to heaven," you are in an inherently poor position in life. Your status improves by dying because living was difficult, and you are now free of your burdens. You relax. Your life was hell, now you are in peace.

If you "go to hell." you are in an inherently good position in life. When you die, you lose more than you gain. You already had little to no burdens, and now you live in a place without all of the material things to which you were attached. Your mind is forever starving for the things you lost.

This is the same thing people believed in the middle ages. The feudal system was supported by the idea that life sucked, period, and that death was your escape. This is the same idea. A good life is one of misery; otherwise, you end up in hell.


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