Sunday, April 10, 2005

If You Can't Fit the Sardines In a Can, Get A Second Can And Stuff Them In The First!!!!!!!111111111 SMARTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Osbourn High School's admirable, genius ranking, omniscient, omnipotent adminsistration has made the wise and wonderful decision to close down the back parking lot of the school. I must commend them, it is probably the best thing I have seen them do all year long.

Seriously, they are doing the greatest thing ever. Since a significant number of students park there, and the front lots are full, it is obviously a good idea to have them park up front. I mean, who wouldn't do that? If you have bucket of water that's full, and you need to get more water in it, you pour full one. Then, the water floats above the top of the bucket in a water dome that can extend 10 miles high.

It seems the administration thinks cars can do this, and however they plan to do it stumbles. It must be their supreme genius. The only way I can think they're doing this is that they expect us to park on top of each other. I guess will work if you car happens to be a bicycle. Last time I checked, cars crush each other when they are on top of one another, but the administration seems to be able to violate the laws of physics, and that AMAZES me. They must be the embodiment of EXTREME intelligence I have not yet been able to whitness in my life time.

And, I mean, generally traffic paterns are designed to meet the demand upon the roads. However, for some reason so supremely intelligent I cannot understand, they've made the demands meet the roadway. Fascinating.

These people are so intelligent, I feel dumb.


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