Monday, March 07, 2005

Fuck AP History

This class is driving me fucking nuts.

For every fucking chapter, we have to do a 5 page 12 point font worksheet that crams as many frivilous questions about things that historians don't even give a fuck about on to one page.

How is knowing the details of what NAWSA is, let alone jamming all those details into a hand written 12 point line, going to do ANYTHING for me in life. No, really, how? It's not even going to be on the AP test! Why all this indepth crap? Who knows this stuff? Who cares?

It's not that I'm against history, but by focusing on pixels no one understands the big picture. Wasting time on stuff that will be forgotten is the most inefficent aspect of education. I don't understand the big picture of what's going on because the big picture is ignored, only the fine print. I don't remember what's going on, and it goes in one ear and out the other because information is that. It is a breeze. Only true understanding is worth the time, and that is what this watered down pseudo-college crap is.

In order to make a school system the best in the universe, as many students as possible must be regarded as "top notch." Well, how can we do that? Something standardized? Oh, I know, we'll let them in AP classes.

What! No one takes the AP classes! Well, we'll give the school a CASH INCENTIVE to get students in AP classes.

What you say! Cash money!?! OH SHITZ, WATER IT DOWN, make the AP ready for the regular student so we can get as many in there as possible! Worksheets, garble, frivle, hizzah, hizzah! Slash down those who can handle it and let the stupid triumph equally with them.

The school is making money off of you and me. That's all they care about, baby. When you sit in that plastic chair for 90 minutes a day, their cash-o-meter rings each student up for a few cents, and the cash keeps rolling.

The tardy policy? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH INSTRUCTION. A tardy student is worth a few cents less than an on time one. Why do you think they get so anal about attendence? If you're absent too much, you're not worth as much to them, you are a wilting limb, you are amputated. You had the potential to serve your purpose, but you're not worth the time.

They wanted to phase out the honors classes for that reason and put them all in AP. Yea, imagine the water down that would occur then.

An honors class is extra busy work. For the hard worker. I'm not a hard worker, I'm a genius, and I enjoy my work. If I'm not enjoying it, it's not worth my fucking time. Hard workers, go blow your way to the top, there's plenty of cocks to work hard.

I expected college level history. What I got was college for high school students level history. High school is for fucking children. Go home and piss your pants you toddler-minded slugs.


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