Saturday, February 12, 2005


Spead the brains that bastard doesn't use them across the streets, smear them across the earth so that the nutrients that were wasted may be retaken by the decomposers of the earth. Dismember him, turn his limbs into fishing bait. Add his skull to a spike, throw the rest of the bones in a pile. Peel off his face first, and make the fucker anonymous. Use his face as toilet paper, throw it into the dark depths of hell. Take his heart, boil his blood, and drink it to absorb the little strength he had that he never used, and instead took the strength of others.

Little does he realize that the victory he saluted to, the victory that he was boo'd during, was the oncoming of the most horrible destruction he has brought not just to the world, but to himself?

He will suffer more pain than he has ever considered comprehending in his pitiful life. And he will not die. He will live on trapped in a state below mediocrity.


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