Thursday, February 17, 2005


I stood opened the door, walked out, and looked up.

Underneath my feet, the earth was cold, very cold, but I did not care. It was amazing. It made me more aware of my feet.

I walked into my yard. The grass was slightly damp and rather cold; my lower impulses requested that I retreat to warmer ground. My consciousness had me stand firm. I could feel the sphere of earth below me, and I scanned the scene inwhich I was entrenched.

The earth felt round. I felt like I standing at the peak of a ball. I looked up; clouds floated past to reveal a half shrunken moon. I felt the moon there, as I looked. I could feel it's position within my mind, it was another sphere far away, facing the sun, and I was standing on a massive ball as well. I imagined myself on this ball standing, and I felt myself on the scale of the universe. When I did this, I did not feel small. I felt a part in something great, and I could feel that exhaltation grip on to me when my mind met the entire universe.

I had visited God. She did not speak. She communicated in temporary peace and perfection. She was beautiful.


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