Monday, February 28, 2005

Jackass Hits The Nail On The Head!

It makes perfect sense. The stupid asses breed themselves to take over. Good thinking, I mean, if everyone had 15 brain dead Jesus whores then the whole world would be a better place.

The reason we have children is to put productive people in the world. I think this guy does it to produce a conservative voting machine. Great guy, I'd like to meet him. Then I'd like to rip his nuts off.


Here's some other useless toilet tissue text from his website: - Maybe that education you so greatly oppose would have payed off by teaching you that the plural form of Mars is not "Mar's." Maybe not everything is a conspiracy to prove evolution correct either. Maybe only dumbasses like you even care about an area so theoretical that no one will ever prove anything in it. Or maybe you should stop trying to prove your point and start looking at evidence again. Oops, I think I mentioned real science. Never mind, that doesn't exist in whatever demension you broadcast crap from. - "It wasn't until the emperialistic expansion of the Europeans following the discovery of the Americas that Islamic rule was finally removed from the Middle East and Africa permitting other religions to prosper." -
Last time I checked, "imperialism" did not start with an "e," neither did the ackward word "imperialistic." Otherwise, if you mean by other religions strictly Christianity, you hit the nail on the head! - "...our colleges and universities have lied to us is to make everyone want to go to college... basically, they lied to increase their income." - That way they have enough money to create zombie legions to conquer the world! - "In the hunter/gatherer societies... it was crucial for every couple or family to contribute the human resources or children to increase the survivability for the entire tribe. Now, imagine homosexual couples who would not reproduce to provide the human resources required to insure the tribal survival but would eventually increase the tribal burden by becoming incompacitated. Such individuals were rightfully seen as a threat to the tribe and were persecuted to drive them out of the tribe increasing the tribal survivability." - Yes, and Sparta did the same to their gay population. Therefore, there were no men left in the city. Then God saw that there were only women left, and he didn't like women, so he destroyed it with an earthquake. Not that your argument is just conjecture or anything, I mean, it had to be like this. Everything has to be the perfect, husband/wife/children family structure. Ever since we were bacteria. - "Science is the gathering and analyzing of information and data and using that information to tell us how something works or worked, what happened, and why something happens. The key here is that we use information to answer a question. In order to do this, we must be open minded and objective to accept what the information tells us. In other words, it is required that, for it to be science, we MUST accept what the information or data tells us." - So if they data doesn't tell you anything, you make something up and say that that has to be it because that's what a crappy old book tells you. Go figure, like anyone would do that, I was just kidding. Oh wait, you do that.

There's plenty more from where that crap came from. You'd need to rent out a sewage processing plant for a few weeks to clean up the mess.


Anonymous Caitlin said...

You are just like Maddox! :)

Monday, February 28, 2005 11:42:00 PM  

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