Friday, February 18, 2005

Solarium Sacrum

I'm building a giant sundial for my eagle project, but it's more than that.

It's a temple. It's a means of analyzing nature, just as any God, ritual, or spirit is. It's a way of taking nature and placing something as a transfer between man and nature, a connection to deity. Between the CPU and the user, there is a monitor. I am building the monitor.

Occasionally, we experience God by random. The right setting and mood and we connect directly. This temple is designed to connect you to God.

Because of where it is placed, I hope some youngsters connect to it. There will be one, one in thousands who trample that playground, who will see it, see how it ties to nature, and realize the truth. It will be the beginning of their life.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I stood opened the door, walked out, and looked up.

Underneath my feet, the earth was cold, very cold, but I did not care. It was amazing. It made me more aware of my feet.

I walked into my yard. The grass was slightly damp and rather cold; my lower impulses requested that I retreat to warmer ground. My consciousness had me stand firm. I could feel the sphere of earth below me, and I scanned the scene inwhich I was entrenched.

The earth felt round. I felt like I standing at the peak of a ball. I looked up; clouds floated past to reveal a half shrunken moon. I felt the moon there, as I looked. I could feel it's position within my mind, it was another sphere far away, facing the sun, and I was standing on a massive ball as well. I imagined myself on this ball standing, and I felt myself on the scale of the universe. When I did this, I did not feel small. I felt a part in something great, and I could feel that exhaltation grip on to me when my mind met the entire universe.

I had visited God. She did not speak. She communicated in temporary peace and perfection. She was beautiful.

10 Lessons in Style and Grace

That is the book we're reading for grammar lessons in English class. And it sucks.

What's irritating about it is a lot of the lessons go like this:

Hey! The current system of writing is sucks! I'm going to revolutionize it.
[Explains changes]
Oops, guess what? JUST KIDDING. Now learn the old ways all over dumbass. HAHAHAHAHHA

I hate that guy.

Communism: A Transition to Capitalism (instead of the reverse), and What Lies Beyond

Since early 20th century Russia was so backward, capitalism would not have worked. There was no capital there, and the capital that was there would have packed up and moved out to more profitable areas. Communism allowed for the creation of modern industry in Russia, and mobilized a feudal economy into an industrial economy.

Communism collapses/fades out when there is enough capital in the country to provide enough material goods to create a capitalist economy. Russia's system died because Russia finally had the means to produce enough goods to make enough profit to engage in full blown trade with the West.

In essence though, Capitalism has had its benefits and draw backs. Communism allowed for rapid catch up to industrial standards, but where does this lead to? Obviously, the modern system will not last forever. All systems are the foundation for the next system. The problem of Capitalism is that, although allowing freedom, restrains the freedom of the populace through social heirarchy. Because of the need to forage for one's self, the ability for one to dedicate one's self to his or her art/work/etc is limited. It becomes more difficult because one has to focus on stuff like food and taxes, things that deter from complete and total mobilization of one's mind towards human advancement.

Capitalism is leading to this: a system where the individual is able to persue whatever they wish without frivilous worry. Needless things, like balancing one's own finances, will become archaic practices. C++ will be steel behind the new system, computers will manage everything and, through individuals setting their mind into one task, computers will turn into the backbone of our society. The perfection of this system is the concentration of all people towards the progress; philosophical and scientific.

There are problems with this system. For one, it needs a rewards system. Most people do not see a reward in sheer thinking, they want to gain from it. Under this same concept, other individuals cannot see if someone is truly producing anything without some sort of raiting system. At the same time, there may be nothing useful in the world to do for humans except thinking tasks, such as producing art, music, and ideas. Nanomachines will handle everything automatically.

Time will tell, and as I and other think about how we ought to think, the new system will be unveiled. Capitalism cannot exist in a nanoworld, the backbone of capitalism, limited supply creating a demand, will no longer exist. Ideas will be the backbone of the market of the future. Can you handle that? N008.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A sign America has reached its end

There are no more original major films that are any good.

Film, being our primary means of story telling, is a key aspect of our culture. If we have no stories new to offer, our culture has nothing new to offer. If our culture has nothing new to offer, our country has nothing new. And if we have nothing new, we're as good as dead.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Spead the brains that bastard doesn't use them across the streets, smear them across the earth so that the nutrients that were wasted may be retaken by the decomposers of the earth. Dismember him, turn his limbs into fishing bait. Add his skull to a spike, throw the rest of the bones in a pile. Peel off his face first, and make the fucker anonymous. Use his face as toilet paper, throw it into the dark depths of hell. Take his heart, boil his blood, and drink it to absorb the little strength he had that he never used, and instead took the strength of others.

Little does he realize that the victory he saluted to, the victory that he was boo'd during, was the oncoming of the most horrible destruction he has brought not just to the world, but to himself?

He will suffer more pain than he has ever considered comprehending in his pitiful life. And he will not die. He will live on trapped in a state below mediocrity.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Gifted Program Admissions

A gifted program should never use a standardized test to admit people into its program. Gifted people are not standard, and therefore a standardized test does nothing for them.