Saturday, December 18, 2004

Two Stupid Jokes

Ok, these two stupid jocks are at a Christmas party, and one of them says to the other, "Hey, I've got the best pick upline." The other responds, "Oh yea? Show me." So the first one approaches a girl and says,
"Do I ring a bell?"
"Eh... no. Why?"
"Oh, well, I was worried my dick is so long that I might have bumped into one on accident."

Ok, here's another one. A guy is forced into a "race oriented" class of some kind. He walks in, furious, and says to the the teacher,
"I want to see my councelor immediately. I am switching out of this class."
"Wha... why?"
"First, it violates my rights, second, it's a waste of time, and third, I'm terrible at running."


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