Sunday, December 12, 2004


I'm tired of incompetent people teaching me incompetent things in incompetent ways in instructional environments.

"Fill out this worksheet. It's 10 pages long. Then you can write an essay."

Why can't I just skip to the essay? I know that I won't have a big dumb worksheet in the future when I write essays, so the more you give me these retarded things the more stupid I become.

Oooh, one of my teachers gave me this one the other day.

"X teacher gives you stacks of work, and because she gives you so much that you're forced to do it in my class, I'm going to give you twice as much work as her so you can do it in her class."

Don't blame me if "DIE" is scratched in anonymous teacher Y's desk, because I didn't do it. I swear.

"You must fill out this worksheet as you read the chapter."

In college, I will not have worksheets to fill out as I read the chapter. Infact, I won't get worksheets. If I'm supposed to be in a college level course, why are you putting these crutches on us? Aren't we supposed to shine like magic stars of glimmering light and death and stuff? Some of us need the crutches, but those of us who are strong can make it through without them. We are strong enough.


When I do something, I go all the fucking way. In Risk, if I attack, it's full army concentration. If I go out with someone, it's dedicated and all the way (no pun intended). If I buy a flashlight, it's no whoosee one with a AA battery, it's 3,000,000 candle power, sucka.

I wanted a full level college class. Instead, I got busy work jammed down my throat. We had a summer reading assignment for the unnamed class. I busted my ass on it and wrote fifteen pages. There was quite a bit of BS fluff, but when I got a 15/28 or something like that, and the guy who wrote a single fucking page got a perfect score, I was ticked off as anybody. Infact, after hearing what most people got, there seemed to be a trend. The less you wrote, the higher score you got.

I don't know, I just figured that people who put more time in an assignment would do a little better than those who didn't. I dunno.


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