Saturday, November 06, 2004


This guy's article is rather agitating. He has a very good point in that the probability of evolution occuring is next in null. However, he does not attack the legitimacy of the bible, and instead throws a few supporting verses out there and slaughtering the science.

The infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters does apply to this scenario and says that evolution did occur even if half the keys destroy the typewriter. When anything goes ad infinitum, everything possible and impossible happens. This biologist/whatever fails to address the whole picture; he fails to address the quantum aspect of evolution.

There are infinite other universes, with infinite other possibilites. Fuck monkeys, this is about every possibility, ever possible, ever. All of these are real in another demension. Imagine a universe with a giant thinking tree and imagine that that universe imagines us. Since all possibilities are real, we're just another luck of the draw, another random possibility.


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