Friday, November 05, 2004

College and Scholarship Application

It's all bullshit.

Just about everything we do for our college application is complete bullshit. Join x sport, participate in y club. It's all bullshit for one reason, because there's no bloody passion in it.

Of course I can join y club and be president. The question is, do I really care? No one joins Key Club to help the community, it's about getting that on your college application. Do you think anyone would particiapte in NHS is there wasn't some reward for it?

See, the people produced by these clubs are braindead wishy-washies with no goal but their personal advancement. People know that these clubs will help them get their way, and they do. The honors society would have half as many people if colleges didn't give a fuck.

What colleges fail to consider are personal achievements and individual ideas and leadership. Massive nationwide clubs are founded by adult assholes who make money off of these groups; they train the individual to be "cogs," as Ralph Nader said, in the corprate machine.

I think colleges should base admission on personal achievements. For example, a kid organizes a small community service group. That is far more ambitious than submitting to the NHS. A kid produces a mediocre film; that is a big achievement, especially if more than just his own friends participated.

Open your eyes, morons. I myself and trapped in this machine, but it is my intent to jam it and morph myself into something better. Time, folks, time.


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