Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You Don't Protect Family Values with Assault Rifles...

Both Conservatives and Liberals are hypocrites. Let's take a look at some "issues:"

Liberals are for gun control and civil rights. By creating laws to restrain ownership of certain weapons, the civil rights of certain people are restrained as well.

Conservatives are in support of "family values" and against gun control. This is hypocrisy again. If you want to protect your family, you would want assault weapons off the streets to prevent your family members from being shot.

Each political categorization can be broken down into different groups (this is incomplete):


-The Self-righteous: These people feel that their "Christian" morals reign supreme over the world. Their interpretation of the "word of God" is the one source of all truth and law in the world. Anyone who disagrees with them can eat their shit. They will be going to hell. Note, their excuse for their irrational aggression is to protect their family. They are against abortion as well.

-The Rednecks: These people promote war and desire guns. Generally poorer people. They share a lot of principles with the Self-righteous, only really differing in the fact that they are completely in support of gun liberties. The Self-righteous don't care.


-The Sympathetic: These people support affirmative action. They really should be supporting "intelligent action," which I will explain later.

-Crazed Hippies: These people were formerly hippies, wish for radical changes towards peace in society, and support civil liberties.

I'm too lazy to finish this right now. You get the point.


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