Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Why (Christian) Music Sucks

Christian musics total failure has nothing to do with its lyrics and everything to do with its quality.

This is how a Christian band comes to exist:
(1) A band becomes popular.
(2) A recording artist or group of idiots immitates their style with Christian lyrics.

The result? A bunch of weeny, unoriginal, crappy songs that I've heard 300 times before and hate anyway. A rip off of something shitty is something horrendous... from the shit spawns self-reproductive slime.

Example, a boy band (which sucks anyway):
"Baby, I love you!"
Christian rip off:
"Jesus, I love you!"

I hate music in general anyway. Music just rips off of itself, Christian music is simply a stick out example. Popular bands are just immitations of whatever else is popular.

Bands I hate:
New Found Glory
Rap (it's all the same to me, with a few exceptions)
Country (yee-haw)

That's all I can think of right now. After all, I don't care, I hate them.

Bands I like:
Coheed & Cambria (which I am listening to right now)
Led Zeppelin
E.S. Posthumus
The Verve
Franz Ferdinand
Massive Attack
The Smiths
Clint Mansel/Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack)
Pearl Jam
Variety of Classical
Variety of single songs

I'm open minded about music, but I'm not afraid to decide that stuff sucks. A lot of the time it does.


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