Tuesday, October 19, 2004

On Kindness

It was as if something in my brain had exploded and its juices of rage were trickling through my vessels.

Ironically, South Grant was closed at one end today. South grant is the fastest was to get from my house to town. It was a symbol of my past. Everyday, I ventured down South Grant to reach the rest of the world.

For years, I had those minor impulses, supressed my urges to kill those who struck out against me. These little things have built up in my mind for such a long time.

I know avoiding retaliation is the intelligent thing to do, but, alas, this has broken up before me. All the barriers that tried to shove away my malconent had steadily fallen apart, leaving a single membrane protecting the rest of my body from this destructive fire.

Alas, it awakens.

It's a hidden vat of energy that rarely pokes its head. It's where our hate, anger, and other so called urges go. It is the chamber of suppression, and the chamber has exploded.

A long time ago, I fought to create such a barrier. I knew it was necessary for my own sake and that of others.

It begins. This energy I intend to channel. It will last me long; it is plentiful. It's going to fuel me to where I need to go.

A benevolent ruler is doomed. No one takes the benevolent rulers seriously, everyone exploits them. In order for a semi-benevolent era to exist, the benevolent ruler must be aggressive and ruthless, but also fair and just.

To this point, I have lacked ruthlessness. I am generally too kind to others, and many-a-time, this has been taken advantage of. Those who take advantage of others should not be forgiven, sed cedent poteste. To be dishonorable is the only unforgivable crime.

The way of old is closed. The way of new is plotted.


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