Thursday, October 14, 2004


You should be looking at this on a monitor right now. If you aren't, find one. Make sure it's an old cathode ray tube monitor, none of "thus moderne LCD crappe."

Good, now, relax your eyes. Completely unfocus them from the monitor.

If you haven't yet, you should have.

Now, you'll notice something when that happens. The screen will appear to flicker. If it didn't work, open up Word or something, and relax your eyes again. The flicker is more obvious on white.

What you've seen is the truth. A computer monitor is really an electron gun firing millions of electrons at your face, merely protected by a glass shield. The glass shield is lined with a phosphate-based substance that lights up brilliantly when hit with electrons.

After the hit, the bright blast of light goes out. This is what we call a pixel. The gun fires so fast that it appears to be solid. It's actually changing every second.

In one moment of relaxation, that is what you saw, the truth. You saw the reality behind this constructed illusion of a computer.

Truth does not require focus. Relax, and destiny will climb to you.

Truth is never in order. It is order that makes you think there is actually text on this screen. Think in disorder, think in pure chaos and see the reality.

The universe isn't made of much anyway. Atoms are mostly hollow space.


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