Thursday, October 28, 2004


It seems Friday has lost its edge.

Friday used to be the pinnacle of my week, but this year it appears to bare no value or significance. Without Friday, my week is ruined. If my week is ruined, and all of my life is composed of weeks, what do I have left?

Ruined. From now until everything in my life it appears to be unrepairably ruined.

Purpose without substance.

Monday, October 25, 2004


When you're 25, you will discover something and spend the rest of your life defending it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Historic Significance Equation

number of casulties = c
length of conflict = t
continental prominence = p (see P)

if contintent = Africa then p = 1
if contintent = South America then p = 1
if contintent = Asia then p = 1
if contintent = Europe then p = 3
if contintent = North America then p = 3
if contintent = Australia then p = 1
if contintent = Antarctica then p = 2 (since nothing's ever happened there)
if contintent = Moon then p = 1000 (because I will make sure it is)

p*(c/t) = significance

(shut up, I'm still working on it)


I hate Christmas.

The season is great. The cool air, the indestructable desire for snow to settle itself upon the world and destroy human mobility.

I hate the day.

Every fucking Christmas, I feel disappointed. It's not necessarily because I expected everything I asked for, in fact, I'm not quite sure why. Every year I ended up crying over something, or have a miserable feeling after the morning festivities. A miserable disappointment, I guess you could say.

Maybe it's my inability to be sated with material gifts. What's annoying is that by Christmas, I'm usually content with what I have. I don't really desire much that I'm not saving up for. It's the expectation that kills me. I expect something and emerge with nothing.

Oi, fuck Christmas. The best present I ever got was the Lego Monorail Transport Base. Ever since then, I don't think any gift has really produced or matched the same response.

On Kindness

It was as if something in my brain had exploded and its juices of rage were trickling through my vessels.

Ironically, South Grant was closed at one end today. South grant is the fastest was to get from my house to town. It was a symbol of my past. Everyday, I ventured down South Grant to reach the rest of the world.

For years, I had those minor impulses, supressed my urges to kill those who struck out against me. These little things have built up in my mind for such a long time.

I know avoiding retaliation is the intelligent thing to do, but, alas, this has broken up before me. All the barriers that tried to shove away my malconent had steadily fallen apart, leaving a single membrane protecting the rest of my body from this destructive fire.

Alas, it awakens.

It's a hidden vat of energy that rarely pokes its head. It's where our hate, anger, and other so called urges go. It is the chamber of suppression, and the chamber has exploded.

A long time ago, I fought to create such a barrier. I knew it was necessary for my own sake and that of others.

It begins. This energy I intend to channel. It will last me long; it is plentiful. It's going to fuel me to where I need to go.

A benevolent ruler is doomed. No one takes the benevolent rulers seriously, everyone exploits them. In order for a semi-benevolent era to exist, the benevolent ruler must be aggressive and ruthless, but also fair and just.

To this point, I have lacked ruthlessness. I am generally too kind to others, and many-a-time, this has been taken advantage of. Those who take advantage of others should not be forgiven, sed cedent poteste. To be dishonorable is the only unforgivable crime.

The way of old is closed. The way of new is plotted.

Bullshit Essay about Bullshit

@Start with notes about analysis and crap
-Note that those notes were a BS analysis anyway

@talk about how analysis is crap

@talk about how we learn different things every year anyway

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Middle Class

Society is a big bus. The lower class aren't aloud to get on, but they have to fill up the gas and inflate the tires. The middle class and upper class get on the bus.

Halfway to the destination, the upper class (bus drivers) tell the middle class to get off and walk. The strong survive to happy land.

That's where the bus drivers get off and stuff.


Assume that time is an allusion, only existing to the living.
(In essence, the universe is a big math equation anyway)

What if we are all the same spirit, constantly reincarnating over and over, each time changing slightly and becoming more enlightened at a different place and time. Eventually, once it's lived in every possible position, nullifies it(our)self out of existance.

In that way, every living being is the same being.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why I Hate English (class)

Analyzing literature is bullshit.

Anything can mean anything, so you can tie things together randomly, pull them out of your ass to glue them together and call it truth. EVEN THEN you still have no idea what the authors intent was.

You can draw pieces of text from prose and call it proof, but the only thing that matters in the end is what the reader draws from the story in the end. Why prove it to other people? Then you're just pressing your opinion on them. They'll never agree with you. Don't try.

Out of spite, I should write literature for the sake of being analyzed. "Die English teachers! Die!"


You should be looking at this on a monitor right now. If you aren't, find one. Make sure it's an old cathode ray tube monitor, none of "thus moderne LCD crappe."

Good, now, relax your eyes. Completely unfocus them from the monitor.

If you haven't yet, you should have.

Now, you'll notice something when that happens. The screen will appear to flicker. If it didn't work, open up Word or something, and relax your eyes again. The flicker is more obvious on white.

What you've seen is the truth. A computer monitor is really an electron gun firing millions of electrons at your face, merely protected by a glass shield. The glass shield is lined with a phosphate-based substance that lights up brilliantly when hit with electrons.

After the hit, the bright blast of light goes out. This is what we call a pixel. The gun fires so fast that it appears to be solid. It's actually changing every second.

In one moment of relaxation, that is what you saw, the truth. You saw the reality behind this constructed illusion of a computer.

Truth does not require focus. Relax, and destiny will climb to you.

Truth is never in order. It is order that makes you think there is actually text on this screen. Think in disorder, think in pure chaos and see the reality.

The universe isn't made of much anyway. Atoms are mostly hollow space.

Fan fiction, please, die.

Fan fiction nauseates me. Not only is it generally poor quality prose, but it requires that the author outright rip off and manipulate an author's own story line. The author loses control of his or her own universe and it becomes commanded by the pseudoauthors. The characters have actions attributed to them they would never engage in.

That, and it usually plain sucks arse.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Ikea will play a critical role in lunar colonization.

@Ikea's furniture and accessories are designed for small spaces. A lunar colony will be tight for space, making Ikea all the better.

@Ikea will bring style and color to a potentially drab environment. Style will be needed to bring more colonists.

@Ikea is inexpenive, important when shipping costs hundreds of dollars by the kilogram.

@Ikea smart packs to save room, use less packaging, and, of course, have less mass. (Emily's idea there)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You Don't Protect Family Values with Assault Rifles...

Both Conservatives and Liberals are hypocrites. Let's take a look at some "issues:"

Liberals are for gun control and civil rights. By creating laws to restrain ownership of certain weapons, the civil rights of certain people are restrained as well.

Conservatives are in support of "family values" and against gun control. This is hypocrisy again. If you want to protect your family, you would want assault weapons off the streets to prevent your family members from being shot.

Each political categorization can be broken down into different groups (this is incomplete):


-The Self-righteous: These people feel that their "Christian" morals reign supreme over the world. Their interpretation of the "word of God" is the one source of all truth and law in the world. Anyone who disagrees with them can eat their shit. They will be going to hell. Note, their excuse for their irrational aggression is to protect their family. They are against abortion as well.

-The Rednecks: These people promote war and desire guns. Generally poorer people. They share a lot of principles with the Self-righteous, only really differing in the fact that they are completely in support of gun liberties. The Self-righteous don't care.


-The Sympathetic: These people support affirmative action. They really should be supporting "intelligent action," which I will explain later.

-Crazed Hippies: These people were formerly hippies, wish for radical changes towards peace in society, and support civil liberties.

I'm too lazy to finish this right now. You get the point.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Why (Christian) Music Sucks

Christian musics total failure has nothing to do with its lyrics and everything to do with its quality.

This is how a Christian band comes to exist:
(1) A band becomes popular.
(2) A recording artist or group of idiots immitates their style with Christian lyrics.

The result? A bunch of weeny, unoriginal, crappy songs that I've heard 300 times before and hate anyway. A rip off of something shitty is something horrendous... from the shit spawns self-reproductive slime.

Example, a boy band (which sucks anyway):
"Baby, I love you!"
Christian rip off:
"Jesus, I love you!"

I hate music in general anyway. Music just rips off of itself, Christian music is simply a stick out example. Popular bands are just immitations of whatever else is popular.

Bands I hate:
New Found Glory
Rap (it's all the same to me, with a few exceptions)
Country (yee-haw)

That's all I can think of right now. After all, I don't care, I hate them.

Bands I like:
Coheed & Cambria (which I am listening to right now)
Led Zeppelin
E.S. Posthumus
The Verve
Franz Ferdinand
Massive Attack
The Smiths
Clint Mansel/Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack)
Pearl Jam
Variety of Classical
Variety of single songs

I'm open minded about music, but I'm not afraid to decide that stuff sucks. A lot of the time it does.


If you don't believe in evolution, how can you believe a tiny, single celled creature develops into a massive, multi-celluar, conscious creature?

New Method for Learning Languages

Learn the language not word by word but in goofy, memorable sentences. This allows easy memorization of the sentence and eventually, words, without a dictionary or list.

Monday, October 04, 2004

An Idea for an Essay

The Constraints of Formatted, Standardized English

Mention stuff like Maddox, kills to creativity, cool stuff like that.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Semiconductor Lab

If you work in a semiconductor lab that is so sensitive that you can't wear perfume, what happens if you fart?

Jesus is a hippie

Jesus is now in a commune in the afterlife, smoking pot and talking about being nice to each other. A lot of people hang out with him.