Sunday, September 12, 2004

The World is Changed...

Exactly three years ago, a massive event took place that was the first pimple of the face of another puberty within our society. A major hallmark of our world was destroyed by complete surprise, but for years that event had been assimilating together. On the inside, the changes were already taking place.

Domestic production inside the United States is not what it once was. There really isn't much domestic production. So what does the United States produce?

Green pieces of paper that are worth nothing but valued as gold. What are these green pieces of paper? They are pieces of security, a sheet of paper that tells the reciever that America will be there when their government is attacked.

If America can't defend itself, who can America defend? Doesn't it make the green paper worthless?

With worthless currency, the economy collapses.

This is only the beginning of the change awaiting us. Remember, in 1929 the economy collapsed but money still had value. This time around, money has no value at all.


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