Wednesday, September 22, 2004

War on Terrorism = Bullshit

You can't fight a war against terrorism.

That's like declaring war against rats. Rats are everywhere, they're humans best parasite. They go around, spread disease, and eat all the grain supplies. People use chemicals, shovels, and their own bare hands to kill rats. So far rats haven't been exterminated.

You can exterminate all terrorists either. Even in ye olden days of ye the Bible, terrorists existed, fighting with gurrella tactics and commiting evil acts.

Terrorists can be best fought in what I call the "tree maintenance" method. The "tree maintenance" method is similar to taking care of a tree or plant, and it should work awesomely. It's only two easy steps too, good for anyone who is up to it!

First, cut off the dead branches. Assemble some elite squads of soldiers to take out those terrorist factions that exist. These are small squads that jump in by helecopter and kill the terrorists that are present. Sending in the army is stupid (to be elaborated on later).

Second, you fertilize the tree. Give the tree nutrients and water, it will grow and become glorious. This is the same idea; give a nation food and medical supples, it will grow into a grand and glorious nation with happy people who love you and would never in their right mind want to become terrorists.

If you send armies in to kill terrorists, your using rocket launchers to kill mice. That's stupid. In the process, you destroy the house your cleaning out to the point that there was no point in cleaning it at all.

Maybe they want to destroy the house.
Maybe they want to leave the nations in the pour.

Otherwise, would we still be on top?


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