Monday, September 06, 2004

Taking A Breath

For the 'Autobiography:'

Life was looking good at this point. I had mental peace; I was re-energized. I was ready to kick this upcoming year's ass and I knew it.

I could see the storm coming. It was like the thunderstorm on the boat. I could see it coming, but there really wasn't anything to do. This time, I don't have any accomplaces. I'm alone. Whether or not those clouds will break up is a complete mystery, but I am prepared for the worst.

I felt sort of dizzy; I was on a caffinee buzz. I didn't know how to work a coffee pot and we didn't have soda so I had one resort, choclate chips.

They were working. I did 100 crunches for no reason. I wanted some milk; I was thirsty.

Milk and protein drink powder. Once Chris had suggested that mix. Builds muscles, gives tons of energy. Now, I was gonna see if I could try that shit out. I was gonna be one crazy ass mofo.

Crazy ass.


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