Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Androssus Theorem

Place one's self in Cycersonia.

A scientist by the name Androssus proposes the idea that manipulation of the human brain can cause irreversable changes that make the person part of a mysterious entity, and that as time passes, and more and more people recieve treatment, more people are still effected by this strange phenomenon.

It cannot be detected. The person acts completely normal. Whatever controls them does so perfectly until it is time for whatever this entity's grand scheme may be. It uses the people it has control of to take command/destroy humankind.

It is thrown out as ridiculous fantasy.

One hundred years later, it comes true.

The constructors that manipulate the brain, instead of enhancing it, copy a super-mind upon it that is within all those who recieve the treatment. They work together, already having their plans hidden in secret.

The super-mind attempts to take over the entire species by treating those who are not or killing them. In the end, the resistance against the super-mind disrupts the plans enough so the human race fails to maintain the technology to continue brain manipulation. New children do not embody the super-mind. Inevitably, it fades away.


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