Sunday, August 22, 2004

Thomas Edison sucks

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Thomas Edison is an ideolized American jackass.

For years, in school and other places, I have been given an image of Thomas Edison as a good, hard working man. He tried over and over with different filaments for the light bulb, hundreds of times. It seemed he embodied perseverence.

This quote opened me to the truth,
"Tesla worked for Thomas Edison, who offered him $50,000 for improvements in Edison's DC dynamos. Tesla worked nearly a year to redesign them and, when inquired about the $50,000, Edison replied him, "Tesla, you don't understand our American humor." Tesla resigned."

Thomas Edison is an American weasel. This was only the beginning of Edison's crimes against good in the name of greed.

"General Electric Company (backed by Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan) proposed to power the fair with direct current at the cost of one million dollars. Westinghouse proposed to illuminate the exposition with Tesla's AC system for half as much. Despite Edison's attempt to prevent the use of his light bulbs with Tesla's system, Westinghouse's proposal was chosen over the inferior DC system to power the fair."

Edison the nooob gets owned again, and so he decided to...
"During this time, direct current was the standard for electricity distribution, and Edison didn't want to loose all his patent royalties to a former employee. In order to promote DC over the more efficient alternating current advocated by Tesla, Edison (or, reportedly, one of his employees) misused Tesla's patents to construct the first electric chair for the state of New York thus creating false impression that AC is deadly."

I could go on, but I'll conclude with this. Tesla is the father of electricity. Edison is a rip off jerk off.


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