Wednesday, August 25, 2004


When a church turns a funeral into an evangelistic propaganda opportunity, it's rather insulting. Our good fellow Steven was insulted today, at least in my opinion, since his church did this. I wanted to hear about Steven's life, not about how I can "rejoin" him after I die.

Don't use Steven as an excuse, don't call his death a miracle to bring people to Jesus. You're only hurting people; you're only destroying the possible hope these people had. Discordia works in mysterious ways, but then again she really doesn't work at all. She started a chain reaction 6 billion+ years ago that resulted in human existance: Scuba died not because God or Goddess wanted him to, he died so that the rest of us could exist. If the river did not have that undertow, that single change would disrupt the Earth so greatly that inorder for it to not exist, none of us may exist at all.

Whenever someone dies, they have died for the future. Our world today exists with the people it has in it as a result of the order of life and death that has occured in the world. Death drives the future. Our time was made through death.

Condemning events to God or Goddess's mysterious ways is like trying to learn a language, but instead of learning how it works, learning vocabulary only. It makes a malformed, poorly created piece of half truth that is barely recognizable to a true speaker of the langauge.

Sadly, these false truths are spread around everyday.

Steven's funeral reminds me of 9/11. His death was a tragedy, and it was used as an opportunity to gain more influence and power. It has nothing to do with the victims of the tragedy and everything to do with those who saw opportunity in it.

Steven, rest in peace. I hope you hear and agree with my words. I never knew you very well, but I'll tell you this: I really don't think your funeral was what you wanted it to be. You don't seem like the kind of person who would have wanted this; your family may have, but your friends did not. I don't think they saw you in it, and the glimpse of truth that was revealed told me that. There was no humor in it. There was no trick.

Before hand, during the viewing, I did a fast image stream. I wanted to see what happened after death, so I envisioned a door. This door was on a giant, floating brick sphere that floated over a small bay that I quite often see while I meditate. I opened the door, and cold, metal ball bearings came out. Simple cold death, but after I dug deep into the door, into the sphere, I found a great ball of bright white light. This ball is a common symbol of consciousness for me. Consciousness remains hidden behind the veil of death. I believe this, I believe you're listening, and that is why I leave my words for you.

Later in the "vision," I cracked open a ball bearing. This time they were larger than the others, but nevertheless, ball bearings. The ball split in half, and inside was a glowing white light.

Yea, so it sounds dumb, but your pineal gland is useful, for that is what I consulted and found.

Your consciousness survive forever, Steven.

(On a different note, who put the "fun" in funeral? Sickos.)


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