Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Microsoft%27s Palladium and the %22Fritz Chip%22

Ever heard of the "Fritz-chip?" This senator by the name of Fritz is pushing for these damn things to be put in computers so you can't download MP3s. I really hope those RIAA fuckers burn in the darkest, moldiest parts of hell. That's right, they'll mold and burn at the same time those fuckers.

"The bottom line is this. Computer and software makers are desperate to lock down the ability of modern computers until they are nothing more than paid content providing systems. This is not what computers were made for, they were made to be multifunctional, programmable devices with almost unlimited capabilities. Capabilities that the MPAA (motion picture assoc. of America) and RIAA (recording industry assoc. of America) want eliminated ASAP. "


From the programmers to the network engies, from the librarians to the random bum with a computer in his face, this law must be stopped. This is now or never. Save the internet, save the world, or get your asses squashed.

The RIAA is scared. You can tell. Let's bring them down sadistically, let them scream in pain.

RIAA and NAZI mean the same thing to me. They want to control what you see, hear, and feel. The world around you is theirs, it is your job to pump as much fucking money into it as humanly possible so you can experience more of it.

This is exactly how the holocaust started. Let's look at this event by event.
Rich, Jewish businessmen avoid taxes = Average consumer pisses on RIAA by not buying CDs
German state falls into debt = RIAA gets fucked over
German state attacks business Jews as a means to avenge tax fraud = RIAA sues "large suppliers of files"
German state initates final solution = RIAA persecutes as many people as possible
German state (would have) becomes tolitarian paradise = RIAA installs Fritz-chip

Maybe I could have analized it better, but here's a better example. Have you ever seen the movie or read the book "A Clockwork Orange?" Basically, a scientist attempts to cure ill-will in men by creating a conditioned response, an intense sickness that mimics the process of dying, to sex and violence. This is similar. Our computers are kept away from "the evils of the world," however, we still desire this things. People will still want free Mp3's. We've been laid once, now we want more.

Senator Fritz, you're a fucking sellout. You're an insult to democracy. I hope you have an affair so your ass gets plastered on every magazine, newspaper, and television as a sick lying bastard, and your bill in support of your fucking chip can fizzle away.

I hope you get filibustered, bitch.

So, the battle for Middle-internet begins.


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